Worker's Compensation


Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation:  On the Job Injuries

In Arkansas, work injuries are governed by the Arkansas Worker’s Compensation Act, a specialized body of law enacted by the Arkansas Legislature. Jim has successfully tried, mediated, and settled hundreds of these cases, helping injured workers and their families all over North and Northeast Arkansas

If you’re hurt while on the job, you should DO THE FOLLOWING RIGHT AWAY:

Report Your Injury

Do this as soon as possible, because having a record from the start is critical. You may or may not have been given an employee handbook or at least been told who to report any injury to ---foreman, leadman, supervisor or human resources manager. The longer you wait to report your injury, the more likely your employer’s insurance carrier will try to argue that you were never hurt there. Tell them what happened to you as specifically as you can so there’s a written record from the start.

Seek Medical Treatment 

Following reporting your injury, demand to be taken to an emergency room or to your physician. Even if your employer refuses to help, get to medical care right away and describe how you were injured and any symptoms you’re suffering. The medical reports, testing and doctor testimony later can help in proving your injury later. Again, you need to do this promptly, since the longer you delay the more likely your employer’s insurance carrier will try to argue that you were never injured at work and that your complaints are from pre-existing injuries or illnesses.

Locate any coworkers who may have witnessed your injury

Witnesses who work on the same production line or in the same department can be very persuasive in proving the circumstances, cause, and nature of your work injury if the case has to be tried.

Contact Burton Law Firm

Experience counts. The Arkansas law governing benefits to injured workers are complicated, and unlike Burton Law Firm, most attorneys do not handle a volume of these cases, if any. We’ll start to work right away to determine the facts which establish your injury claim and fight to protect your and your family’s interests whether in the settlement, mediation, or trial